Malarkal – update on support during COVID (July)

As part of our COVID response, we continue to be in touch with people over phone and have extended the following support in the past 15 days:
  • Mental health and psychosocial support via phone calls to 44 people from Ernavoor
  • One family, who survived with kanji alone was reached out and a grocery package worth Rs. 1000 was brought to them to help them tide over their current situation
  • Community members shared their fears of being put under isolation if test positive for COVID-19, and had concerns about access to food, and about neglect and stigma from the community. We assured them about the government services and the improving recovery rate. We also suggested them to talk to people who had recovered and returned from quarantine/hospital care.
  • We resumed Parents’ Advisory Committee meetings via conference call. The members shared that it was a new experience and that they felt heard and supported by SIAAP calls despite lockdown.

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