About Us


To build Sustainable Cities & Communities (SDG 11) through strengthening the promotion of sexual health, mental well-being, and employability preparedness among sexual minorities, sex workers, adolescents and young people.


By 2025, we will equip one million adolescents and young adults with information, skills and access to services for

Mental well-being: Anxiety, Depression and Suicide ideation
Sexuality, Menstruation, STIs/HIV prevention, Contraception, Safety & Consent
Employment in technology
Inspire involvement in advocacy for sustainable cities.

Our Theory

Our theory of change is that adolescents, parents, family, and community members share a common vision to see that their young people have healthy, productive, and meaningful lives. We recognize that they have collective strengths and resources that they constantly use to negotiate multiple issues in their lives. If they can be facilitated to creatively deploy these strengths and resources to address issues related to gender inequalities, sexual violence, and mental health of adolescents, if their capacities to do so are strengthened, if they have easy access to quality counselling services, and if they are supported to build their social capital through mentorship and well-wishers, they will take individual and collective action to achieve their vision.

Principles for SIAAP

  • Trust & Respect
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Equity
  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality
  • Enabling people’s rights
  • Rights based approach
  • Social Justice
  • Authenticity
  • Congruence

SIAAP Core Capacities

Our core capacities include

     Counselling, supportive supervision, training, protocol and module development for different populations. (program design to service delivery)
     Building capacities for women to combat violence, knowledge of laws, seek emergency medical, legal, and police help.
     CBO Support: Developing community based organisations, collaborating to co-create, design programmes and raise funds.
     Helped establish 29 CBOs of Women in Sex Work, Men having Sex with Men and among Visually challenged People
     Promoted the concept of Thrift and Credit Societies among women and Visually Challenged People to develop the habit of savings and to eradicate local loan sharks
     Sexuality and Sexual Health: Menstruation, prevention and treatment of STIs/HIVs, Contraception & Safety
●    Informed Consent in Sexuality and Health, concept, skills to ask and receive consent, module building and training,
     Advocacy for sex work, confidentiality protocols for public health

Our Expertise

Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health
Violence against women and girls children
Skill Building & Livelihood
Training and Capacity Building
Community Life Competence Process
Putting theory into practice
Agency Building
Mental Health Counselling
Thrift and Credit Societies (Micro Finance)
Research – Evaluation studies and Assessments