. About Us - South India AIDS Action Programme

About Us


To promote gender justice and protection against sexual violence, and sexual and mental health among adolescents and young people, through promoting the understanding and practice of consent, and counselling for sexuality and mental health.


To promote vibrant communities through promoting sexual and mental health and well-being, and employability preparedness among adolescents and young people. Since 2009, we have been working with rural youth in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, and are currently expanding this to cover adolescents and young people in poor urban settlements in these states.

Who we are

The South India AIDS Action Programme, SIAAP, is a Chennai based non-profit development organization, set up in 1989, committed to improving lives of marginalised people and deprived youth, across the state of Tamil Nadu. Informed by three decades of experience and deep local knowledge in HIV/AIDS related issues, our work across the region addresses five overarching goals—strengthen people, empower women, expand economic opportunity through capacity building, increase environmental resilience, and promote rights based health and welfare.

Headquartered in Chennai, SIAAP works through a network of NGOs and CBOs across south India. Working with public and private partners, the organisation receives funding from a diverse group of bilateral and multilateral development agencies, foundations, corporations, and Governments. As on date, we have handled about 70 crores over 27 years and have touched lives of over a million.

Our approach

Internationally recognized for our commitment to our communities’ development, we engage local individuals and communities, with government services for sustained growth and development. Our approach is capabilities (strength based) and multi-dimensional. A particular strength is our ability to collectivize people, capacitate them to voice out their issues and facilitate to help emerge a common solution. We play a catalyst’s role in engaging our longstanding and ever-expanding people’s networks, identifying and nurturing new talent and rising young leaders, towards India’s rural development and social progress.

What We Do

Our commitment expanded from supporting marginalised communities, from the time we established in 1989, to providing support, capacity building and empowerment to youth groups in rural and semi-urban settlements, in the recent years. Rural Tamil Nadu continues to face critical issues that threaten the aspirations of million youths. Marginalised communities remain impacted by the lack of access to justice, by rising inequality, pervasive regional conflicts, challenges of urbanization, violence against women, and a closing space for civil society. Left unaddressed, these challenges threaten India’s many political and economic gains and undermine its future prospects.

Principles for SIAAP

  • Trust & Respect
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Equity
  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality
  • Enabling people’s rights
  • Rights based approach
  • Social Justice
  • Authenticity
  • Congruence

SIAAP Core Capacities

Our core capacities to help design and deliver interventions is built upon the capabilities approach to ensure that affected people design and drive the response. We work towards:

Social Justice: Marginalisation to Mainstream that takes project to people and thereby address power and equity rather than just risk reduction as a strategy, thereby promoting sustainable human solutions.

Partnerships: Fostering Partnerships with the very population that is being addressed by Government and Donors.

Solutions at Scale: Rapid scaling up by promoting skills and capabilities through adaptive pedagogy that breaks conventions and is based on evidence.

Sustainable solutions with local relevance: Developing context specific and relatively population specific solutions that can allow local people to take greater control of solutions.


Our Expertise

Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health
Violence against women and girls children
Skill Building & Livelihood
Training and Capacity Building
Community Life Competence Process
Putting theory into practice
Agency Building
Mental Health Counselling
Thrift and Credit Societies (Micro Finance)
Research – Evaluation studies and Assessments

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