SIAAP advocates and supports local disenfranchised communities to fight for their rights, and works with state agencies to ensure the government fulfil its obligation to its citizens.

26th June 2018
Anna Head Post Office, Mount Road, Chennai

In solidarity, SIAAP joined the protest called for by the Informal workers’ Union, to demonstrate against the Central Government’s new framed laws that curtails benefits such as ESI, etc

25th June 2018
ICSA Centre, Egmore, Chennai

Re-thinking Labor, Consent and Agency: Discussion on Anti-trafficking Bill, 2017
Key points discussed:
– It is on the ‘Raid-Rescue-Rehabilitate’ mode
– All people including migrant workers, sex workers, Transgenders, etc – voluntary / on their own will / trafficked – are all considered trafficked under this Bill
– If the current form of the Bill is passed as an Act, then it overrides all other preceding Acts and the favourable provisions provided
– In general, laws are framed in order to protect the interests of people but this Bill is drafted in a way that it neither provides economic stability, social recognition or legal protection.
It is essential that all people from all walks of life unite together to voice out their opinion and insist that this Bill is revised to safeguard the interests of our people

Sujatha Modi – Women Workers Trade Union
Kalpana Karunakaran – IIT Madras
Aadhilakshmi – Advocate, High Court
Muktha – UKMO
Vijayalakshmi & Vijaya – Vadamalar
Jaya – Sahodharan
Sankari – Nirangal
Shyamala Nataraj – SIAAP, Chennai

24th June 2018
Egmore, Chennai

As part of Tamil Nadu Rainbow Coalition, SIAAP and Vadamalar participated in the Pride March to show support and solidarity seeking support and understanding of sexual minorities – LGBTQI. It was proud moment to SIAAP when the Founder and Executive Director was invited to flag off the event. She thanked and appreciated the organisers and invited people to participate in the discussion on Anti-Trafficking Bill, the following day.