. Pehchan - South India AIDS Action Programme


A consortium with India HIV/ AIDS Alliance as the Principal Recipient (PR) was awarded a new five year project funded through the GFATM round 9. The consortium includes Humsufar Trust, SAATHII, Sangama, AIAP, PNRO and SIAAP as Sub Recipients (SRs). SIAAP is the Pehchān partner in the state of Tamil Nadu. Pehchān, meaning identity, recognition or acknowledgment is a five year (2010 to 2015) programme funded by the Global fund aimed at strengthening and building the capacities of the Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to provide HIV intervention for gay, bisexual men and trans-women.The programme is being implemented in 17 states across India in coordination with the SACS implementing Targeted Intervention (TI) Programme component. SIAAP is in the process of strengthening 20 existing CBOs which run TIs and 2 new exclusive transgender CBOs in 19 districts of Tamil Nadu. Besides strengthening and building capacities of civil societies, the programme also focuses on policy development and advocacy through sensitization of major stakeholders. Facilitate creation and strengthening of 90 new CBO interventions and 110 interventions with the existing CBOs across 17 states of India. Increase the coverage of MTH (MSM (gay, bisexual men and kothis), Trans-gender and Hijras) individuals by geographically diverse community based organizations (CBOs) through organizational development support. Strengthen existing health systems resources and increase the involvement of MTH community systems in the process. Create enabling environment through increasing knowledge and strengthening advocacy related to the concerns of MTH people and their sexual partners (including female partners), and developing cadre of trained community.

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