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Capacity building of Community Counsellors

During lock down, SIAAPINDIA provided refresher training for community counsellors (sex workers) to reach out to more women who were depressed due to loss of livelihood and income, and anxiety related to COVID 19.

Most women who undergo counselling share that they felt heard and supported. All counsellors have a routine to call women, introduce about themselves and the purpose of the call, and enquire in general about their well-being and focus on specific issues shared by them. They revert to SIAAPINDIA trainers for support in case they face challenges during the session, and/or for referral support.

During the current week, SIAAPINDIA trainers have introduced, ‘focused skill building’ sessions. Accordingly they will focus and strengthen on one core skill required for a counsellor. ‘Active Listening’ is the core skill selected for this month (July 2020). The counsellors will focus and practice ‘active listening’, and discuss the impact with the trainers during the review.

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