South India AIDS Action Programme(SIAAPINDIA)

SIAAPINDIA – Efficiency Empathy Ethics


Rural Youth Project Summary Report

Sarvojana – The Communities Perspective

Me and My World

Building momentum for Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) HIV Integration in India Campaign on Quality Assured SRH-HIV Integrated services in Clinics

Best Practices on Prevention (MARPs & Mobile Populations) & CST India Experiences

Sensitising Employees about Safe Behaviours

Training Module Session Outline

NACO TRC Proposal

“Community responses to address violence on women”

The Cycle of Healing

Assessment of Adolescent Friendly Health Services in Tamil Nadu


Building the Agency of young people to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Tamil Nadu and in Bihar.

Enabling Dalit Communities – An Innovative Approach

Training for client counsellors

APAC VCTC proposal

GFATM proposal – TNSACS

Proposal for Evaluation of APAC VCTCs

Concept Note on supportive mentoring for counsellors of assam

Counselling training programme for Counsellors of VCTCs,PPTCTs, Blood banks and NGOs

Gender budgeting and women empowerment

HIVOS proposal

Improving learning outcomes of adolescents

Strengthening Federations and CBOs of Women in Sex Work and Men having Sex with Men to Create an Enabling Environment for Sex Work, Sexual Orientation and HIV Prevention and Care

Improving quality of counselling at ICTCs in TN

Promoting Female Adult Literacy

Reducing stigma of PLHAs in Thiruvannamalai

WASH in the context of menstrual health

Kulithalai ICTC Report

Sex worker led initiatives for supporting trafficked women

Strengthening the quality of STI Counselling through supportive supervision

Documents for Sarvojana

HIVOS Visit Report

Monitoring Report

Special note

Action plan



Key outcomes of community counselling meetings

Meetings with key partners

Training report


Services at TAI

Survey of Theni district


2004-2005 Hivos Annual Report

Advocacy 2005

Advocacy plan

Babies & AIDS

Building Partnership with Governments

Gender and HIV

Goverment order

Judicial systems workshop report

Laws and Policies

List of Organisations working with WIP

Magnitude of trafficking and HIV in TN

Prevention of parent to child transmission

Sector specific situation of child trafficking

The twilight zone

Trafficking and Prostitution

Trafficking in women in TN

VCT India realities

Voluntary counselling and testing and the constitution of India

Women in prostitution in India: Realities


Annual (Technical) Report for HIVOS 2006

HIV Bill 2006

Theni Annual Report


MSM Presentation, Amsterdam, Nov 2007

NACP Joint implementation report

NACP State PIP outline

Qualitative report for year 2007