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At South India AIDS Action Programme (SIAAPINDIA), we work to promote gender justice and protection against sexual violence, and sexual and mental health among adolescents and young people, through promoting the understanding and practice of consent, and counselling for sexuality and mental health.

There are over 400 million adolescents and young people in India. One survey indicated that more than 63% of young Indian men (15-24), routinely forced sex upon their partners (Jeejebhoy et al 2013). Young people account for over 25% of new HIV infections, and for 40% of suicides annually. Sexual violence, sexuality, and mental health are closely related, yet very few interventions have focussed on addressing issues related to consent and mental health as part of sexual and reproductive health interventions.

Our current mission is to promote vibrant communities through promoting sexual and mental health and well-being, and employability preparedness among adolescents and young people. Since 2009, we have been working with rural youth in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, and are currently expanding this to cover adolescents and young people in poor urban settlements in these states.

Theory of change

Our theory of change is that adolescents, parents, family, and community members share a common vision to see that their young people have healthy, productive, and meaningful lives. We recognize that they have collective strengths and resources that they constantly use to negotiate multiple issues in their lives. If they can be facilitated to creatively deploy these strengths and resources to address issues related to gender inequalities, sexual violence, and mental health of adolescents, if their capacities to do so are strengthened, if they have easy access to quality counselling services, and if they are supported to build their social capital through mentorship and well-wishers, they will take individual and collective action to achieve their vision.

Support us

We look forward to associate with likeminded people/organisations/institutions and Companies in working towards our mission. Write to us at [email protected] or [email protected] for further details or share your interest in joining hands with us for common development.


SIAAPINDIA is a Registered Trust in India. Donations are tax-exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. SIAAPINDIA is authorized by the Government of India to receive contributions in foreign currencies. If you would like to donate, please make cheques and demand drafts payable to South India AIDS Action Programme. A receipt will be sent upon acknowledgement of the donation. You can do even more by giving your time to the cause. Even a few hours can make a world of difference. Feel free to drop in at SIAAPINDIA’s office in Chennai. If you would like to get involved with SIAAPINDIA, please contact: [email protected]