South India AIDS Action Programme(SIAAPINDIA)

SIAAPINDIA – Efficiency Empathy Ethics


As a follow up of Phase: 1, SIAAP continued to provide ongoing support to Counsellors working in the District Child Protection Units under Directorate of Social Defence. SIAAP trainers and supervisors devised a plan to visit DCPU in each District to monitor and record observations to improve counselling skills of counsellors. There were supervision visits to provide hand holding support, before and after advanced counselling training. The supervisors conducted refresher training for counsellors and provided inputs on common barriers observed during supervision visits. By the end of the program, all the counsellors were given Training of Trainers programme in Counselling in order to sustain the training requirements in the District. They were assessed based on their skills and a cadre of counsellors were identified as master trainers and certified as counselling trainers by SIAAP.