South India AIDS Action Programme(SIAAPINDIA)

SIAAPINDIA – Efficiency Empathy Ethics

conceptualizing and operationalizing the pptct in tamil nadu​


                This is an ongoing project of National AIDS Control Plan aimed at prevention of mother to child with HIV infection. SIAAP is one of the agencies implementing the project successfully for the past 10 years in Chennai district. Stigma and discrimination surrounding the HIV limits young mothers accessing HIV services and continuing HIV treatment services. Activities aimed at identification of pregnant mothers, educating mothers on nutrition, HIV, PPTCT, ART and Infant and Young Child Feeding, getting them access HIV screening services, supporting young antenatal mothers to access ART services when tested positive for HIV, support to promote institutional delivery, postnatal support for mother and children for 18 months. With the improved drug regimen and consistent support to mothers, transmission of HIV to child is reduced to great extent.