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Reintegration – Home visits

Children of the Government Children’s Home for Boys, Ranipet district who were sent to their parents/ guardians were provided tele-counselling support by SIAAPINDIA during the lockdown. Some children with behavioural issues like substance abuse and truancy from home required face-to-face counseling. The reintegration officers along with the social workers of the District Child Protection Unit, Vellore have been visiting children of the Child Care Institution and their families in Vellore and Chennai, providing COVID awareness to the families, distribution of masks and distribution of school textbooks.

In addition, the reintegration officers provide counseling to the children and parents thereby addressing their psychological issues and conflicts. Mentors are identified in the neighbourhood to support the child in studying daily lessons and mentoring them, to ensure an enabling environment for children to study and engage themselves during the lockdown. This is being done with necessary precautions like using masks, hand sanitizers and observing social distancing with the children and their families.

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